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Sóc Català...

'Sóc Català' means 'I am Catalan'; 'no sóc Català' means 'I'm not Catalan.' What is a Catalan? or who? or where?    

Eight million people have Catalan as their native language but it is the official language of only one country: Andorra. The Catalan region includes Andorra, a bit of France, the Balerian islands and a sizeable chunk of Spain, which has Barcelona as its regional capital, with their own president, parliament and legal system. And a lot of national pride. 'If Madrid is playing a French team,' explained a colleague from Barcelona, 'I hope the French team wins.'

Catalan is not Spain, and Andorra is Catalan (speaking), even if it is not Catalan (region). Well - let's say that the question of cultural identity is less complicated in Australia.
Catalan is a Latin language with the same roots as Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Rumanian, Occitan and French. The closest language is Occitan, which is still spoken in a few regions, mainly Provençe in France, and referred to as Provençal by the French. French and Italian are closer to Catalan than Castilian Spanish. In Valencia Catalan is also called Valencià (it is the same language). Once again - language issues are less complicated in Australia.
Location: Europe
Status: UN Country
Capital City: Andorra-la-Vella
Main Cities: Kandahar, Herat
Population: 48,000
Area: 450 km2
Currency: 1 euro = 100 cents
Languages: Catalan, French, Spanish
Religions: Roman Catholic


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