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Druk Yul...

Druk yul means Land of the Thunder Dragon, and this is what the Bhutanese call their country, a mountainous kingdom wedged between China, India and Nepal.Bhutan

In Bhutan, China and Tibet, the dragon has always been considered to represent good fortune and blessings, and the Bhutanese regard their country as the lucky country. Thunder represents change.

In 1998 the King of Bhutan, Jigme Singye Wangchuck, introduced a policy of measuring the wellbeing of its citizens in accord with the Gross National Happiness Index, (GNH).

Bhutan ranks as the happiest country in Asia and the eighth happiest country in the world. [University of Leicester survey published in Business Week 2006].
Endless Songs From Bhutan

Jigme Drukpa
Yak Legbi Ihadar

Location: Asia
Status: UN Country
Capital City: Thimphu
Population: 1,689,000
Area: 47,000 km2
Currency: 1 ngultrum = 100 chetrums
Languages: Dzongkha, Nepali, English
Religions: Buddhist, Hindu


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