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Selam lehulacheh yehun...

People fo EthiopiaSelam lehulacheh yehun (pron: seh-lum  le-hoola-chay ye-han), means 'peace and health to all' or, more appropriately, 'live long and prosper.'
'A word that defines the essence of Ethiopian culture? It must be this - selam lehulacheh yehun  - our word for hello.' Ethiopian exchange student at Växjö University Sweden. [In Sweden the word for hello is 'hey']

"In Ethiopia a conversation begins with, 'how are you?' The reply is: 'Thanks be to God, I am well. How are you?' When greeting one superior in rank, it is customary to touch the right hand to the ground, and then to the lips in supplication while bowing… children are expected to go even further with their parents, prostrating themselves fully to the ground and kissing their fathers' or mothers' feet.' Edward Ullendorff, The Ethiopians: An Introduction to Country and People.




Dejish Teselifë, Setegn Atanaw.



















Flag of Ethiopia  
Location: Africa
Status: UN Country
Capital City: Addis Ababa (Addis Abeba)
Main Cities: Gondar
Population: 56,316,000
Area: 1,221,900 km2
Currency: 1 Ethiopian birr = 100 cents
Languages: Amharic, Afaan Oromo, Tigrigna
Religions: Ethiopian Orthodox, Muslim

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