Flag of South Korea

Kibun means inner feelings. In the highly industrialised South, good kibun means go
People of Koreaod business - things go well; bad kibun means stress, anxiety, suspicion and is very bad for business.

Palli palli means hurry up, hurry up. It is an easy expression to sms to waiting friends or colleagues. 82-82. In Korean pronounced pa-li, pa-li. Hurry hurry.

"Koreans are very superstitious. Before making a decision Korean business people often consult a mudang

"Do we eat dog? Of course we eat dog. But we don't eat our pets. That would be terrible." Woman Korean manager for an international automobile company, quizzed on cultural oddities by her European colleagues. (astrologer)." UK manager based in Seoul.
Dance Of The Butterfly

Pongsan Ensemble Korea
Flag of South Korea  
Location: Asia
Status: UN Country
Capital City: Seoul (Soul)
Main Cities: Pusan, Taegu, Inchon
Population: 44,843,000
Area: 99,020 km2
Currency: 1 won = 100 jeon (no longer used)
Languages: Korean
Religions: Buddhist, Protestant, Roman Catholic, Confucianist

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