Flag of Kyrgyzstan
Biz el mene...

Biz el mene means 'I'm with my people,' and in past times has been a declaration of nationhood. In Soviet times, tied in with Bat'kivschina - Motherland.

Bishkek is the capital, a safe and easy-going community according to many westerners, that bids welcome - kosh kelenizdek - to newcomers and foreigners.
People of Kyrgyzstan
The main sport is Ulak Tartysh, a polo like game played for the headless carcass of a goat. (Also played in Afghanistan, and elsewhere).
The official Kyrgyz web site lists some of the other popular games on horseback:

Aht Chabysh - a long-distance horse race, sometimes over a distance of more than 50 km
Jumby Atmai - a large bar of precious metal (the 'jumby') is tied to a pole by a thread and contestants attempt to break the thread by shooting at it, while at a gallop

Kyz Kuumai - a man chases a girl in order to win a kiss from her, while she gallops away; if he is not successful she may beat him with her 'kamchi' (horsewhip)
Oodarysh - two contestants wrestle on horseback, each attempting to be the first to throw the other from his horse
Tyin Enmei - picking up a coin from the ground at full gallop

"Ala kachuu - bridal kidnapping - is officially illegal. But this is how I intend to get married. I just hope it's the right man on the right horse."

Young woman exchange student from Bishkek studying in Sweden. She adds, 'just joking.'  But we're not sure.

The Kambarkan Folk

Jolughabuz az kündö
Norouz has been celebrated for at least 3000 years and is rooted in the traditions of the Zoroastrian religion. The festival celebrates the coming of spring 

Flag of Kyrgyzstan  
Location: Asia
Status: UN Country
Capital City: Astana
Main Cities: Alma-Ata, Chimkent, Karaganda, Ust-Kamenogorsk
Population: 17,303,000
Area: 2,717,000 km2
Currency: 1 tenge = 100 tyin
Languages: Kazakh, Russian
Religions: Sunni Muslim

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