Flag of Moldova
Cinsteste si nu bea!...

'Taste, don't drink'

Moldova is world famous for three reasons:

1.    Moldovans eat more apples per capita than any other country
2.    Moldova has the world's largest wine collection
3.    The world's largest subterranean wine cellar - some 200 kilometres of underground passages and roads.

Wine, therefore is an integral part of Moldovan cultural and national identity. Not in an Italian way (la dolce vita), nor in a Biblical way ('eat drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die') but in a Moldovan way; disciplined, ordered and organised. 'Taste, but don't drink.' Cinsteste si nu bea!

It is an aphorism in keeping with Moldovan values of restraint and discipline.
Flag of Moldova  
Location: Europe
Status: UN Country

Capital City: Chisinau (Kishinev)
Population: 4,354,000
Area: 34,000 km2
Currency: 1 Moldavian leu = 100 bani
Languages: Romanian, Ukranian, Russian
Religions: Eastern (Moldovan) Orthodox
'Where is Moldova?' is the name of a board game (ca 2002). Devised by two English football supporters as Britain's answer to Trivial Pursuit, when they found that the England football team had been paired off with a country they'd never heard of.

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