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Mana is a Maori expression meaning reputation, respect, 'face' or spirit. Kiwi Mana probably translates best as New Zealand Spirit. It's about the pride of being a New Zealander.

New Zealand Maoris number one in seven of the population, and Auckland counts as the world's largest Polynesian population centre. People from neighbouring Polynesian islands come to New Zealand for work and education opportunities. Hence Kiwi Mana - a combination of the New Zealand nickname (named after the peculiar Kiwi bird that is native to the country), and mana, the Maori concept of respect.

A few Maori words find their way into everyday use in New Zealand. When Australians comment favourably about something, they say things like: 'excellent', 'beaut', 'nurries' (an abbreviation of 'no worries'). In New Zealand, the expression is ka pai!







Flag of New Zealand  
Location: Oceania
Status: UN Country

Capital City: Wellington
Main Cities: Auckland, Christchurch, Hamilton
Population: 3,825,000
Area: 270,990 km2
Currency:1 New Zealand dollar = 100 cents
Languages: English, Maori
Religions: Anglican, Presbyterian, Roman Catholic





















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