Flag of Peru
¿si como no?...

'¿Si como no?' is Spanish for 'Sure, why not?' or 'Yes, of course'; a phrase which could be understood by Spanish speaking people anywhere, but a phrase that has some cultural significance to Peru.

'¿Si como no?' might means 'sure, why not?' but it could also mean, 'no, absolutely not!' You have to look for the signals.

¿si como no? It is not 'definitely yes', nor is it 'absolutely no', but something in between; open to interpretation.
Flag of Peru  
Location: South America
Status: UN Country
Capital City: Lima
Main Cities: Arequipa, Lambayeque, Trujillo, Chiclayo
Population: 23,381,000
Area: 1,285,220 km2
Currency: 1 nuevo sol = 100 céntimos
Languages: Spanish, Quechua, Aymará
Religions: Roman Catholic

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