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Inat [pron. ee-nat] roughly translates as 'spite' or a stubborn refusal to submit regardless of the obstacles. It means being obstinate, even to the point of harming oneself.

Inat is 'an attitude of proud defiance, stubborness and self-preservation. Under Ottoman rule, Serbians were told to change their religion or die. Many chose to die.' Dragan Milovic, London's Institute of Slavonic and Eastern European Studies.

'Inat is holding the country together… Every day there is a concert in the centre of Republic Square in Belgrade, attended by thousands… hundreds of ordinary Serbian people are placing themselves on bridges to stop them being bombed - knowing they might be bombed anyway. The Serbs are not a people to give in easily. They would rather eat grass than surrender.' Jovan Ratkovic, of the Serbian Information Centre, during the NATO bombing of Serbia.

Samo sloga Srbina spasava 'Only unity saves Serbs.' Unofficial Serbian motto.







Flag of Serbia  
Location: Europe
Status: UN Country
Capital City: Belgrade (Beograd)
Main Cities: Novi Sad, Pristina, Kragujevac
Population: 9,400,000
Area: 88,361 km2
Currency: 1 Dinar = 100 paras
Languages: Serbian, Albanian, Hungarian
Religions: Serbian Orthodox, Muslim, Roman Catholic











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